Chen & Liang Inspiring Multiferroic Brilliance (CLIMB) Awards
Recognizing the Achievements and Potentials of TANMS Students

The CLIMB awards were established through the initiative and generous contributions of TANMS Alumni, Cai Chen and Cheng-Yen Liang to recognize the accomplishments and potentials of talented TANMS undergraduate and graduate students committed to making a positive impact in the world through engineering research, scientific and technological advancement, leadership and education. 

CLIMB awards aim to inspire new discoveries in the field of nanoscale magnetism through the encouragement of TANMS Engineering Research Center students who demonstrate promise and exceptional commitment and achievement in the following areas:
  • Research—application-driven and cutting-edge research within a TANMS partner institution and laboratory
  • Collaboration—cross-disciplinary cooperation with scientists and engineers
  • Innovation—contribution to investigations leading to the invention of new devices
  • Education—commitment to educational activities including mentoring and outreach in the community
Up to two one-time cash awards will be made in each of the following categories:
  • Graduate Award: $2000
  • Undergraduate Award: $1000
** Ability for some students to receive cash awards may be affected by their financial aid package. Applicants are responsible for checking with the Financial Aid Office on their campus to verify potential impacts of external awards on their financial aid.